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Innovation Unlocks Opportunity

As with any transformation program, the real challenge is in the implementation. Organizations often follow the path of building detailed transformation road maps and implementation plans, many times using outside expertise, but fail to realize the benefits in the real world.

AceProcures is a recognized leader in procurement transformation, enabling clients to develop the methods and means to gain sustainable, continually improving results, in collaboration with suppliers and internal stakeholders.

We help you achieve ambitious objectives, helping restructure and revitalize enterprise teams with improved organization, processes and technology.

How have we helped so many clients achieve success so consistently?

Truth is, there is no magic bullet. Every client, every culture or every challenge is a bit different. So we sustain each and every consulting engagement with open minds and, perhaps more importantly, open ears.

Source of competitive advantage

(achieve more savings and value for every shilling spent)

Procurement’s role is evolving rapidly; the tactical team focused on cost reduction has been recast as a strategic entity driving enterprise-wide value.

Enterprises worldwide are asking their procurement teams to play a larger and more strategic part in overall corporate growth and deliver sustainable business results.

To be able to meet these new expectations, procurement organizations must transform their legacy processes, practices and structures, and align them with the current needs of the enterprise.

AceProcureS is arguably one of the leading providers of strategic sourcing services in the country. Staffed with experienced category specialists, our sourcing teams get sustainable results fast ― real results that improve the bottom line and create competitive advantage. How you may ask?

The saying goes “when all you have is a hammer; every problem is a nail.” AceProcureS has the most comprehensive set of procurement solutions available anywhere – a full range of strategies. 

So, in contrast to companies that answer before the question is asked, we listen. And together we figure out what makes most sense for you.

The Power of Proactive

Proactive management is imperative to ensure that your procurement team delivers real savings to the bottom line. Capable suppliers, good terms — the standard “punch list” only goes so far. 

Identified savings can easily leak away due to poor compliance, shifting business requirements or inadequate skills.

This is our way; we impart relevant training and skills on;
  • Best-practice methodologies across industries and categories
  • Accurate category planning, including forecasting and budgeting
  • Real-time visibility into supplier performance and scorecards
  • Proactive contract reviews, renewals and contract compliance
  • Reduced maverick buying and more spend under management
  • Real-time measurement and tracking of identified savings vs realized savings
  • Continuous annual cost reductions driven by process improvements and innovation
  • Tendering and bidding process
  • Procurement operations
  • International procurement

Bring more spend under management, quickly and easily;

As companies increasingly focus on core competencies, they depend on suppliers more than ever. Supply chains are more integrated, more complex and faster. Poor supplier performance impacts both the top and bottom lines.

AceProcureS helps companies dramatically improve supplier performance, driving up efficiency and value, and driving down risk.

We provide real-time visibility into supplier performance, using a comprehensive range of category-specific metrics and a rigorous holistic approach that combines analytical rigor, process discipline and best-in-class evaluations including;

·         Supplier registration and onboarding

·         Supplier evaluation and appraisals

·         Supplier segmentation and risk assessment

·         Sustainability, diversity and CSR surveys

AceProcureS has pioneered and refined a holistic approach to supplier performance management and evaluation.Through this,it is our duty as AceProcures to leave a big smile on our client"s face.

Our Services

Integrated procurement solutions

End-to-End Source-to-Pay portfolio & Strategies

Spend Analysis, Market Intelligence & Category Strategy

Contract Management, Supplier Performance & Relationship Management

AceProcureS Academy for transformative training, Talent acquisition & Recruitment

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